Job Seekers and Employers, rejoice!

We’d like to incite a societal job shuffle where hiring doesn’t have to be a full-time job of it’s own. We believe, if you’re unhappy at work, you should be able to move seamlessly to a new role without taking lunches off to sneak out for interviews. It’s a win-win situation when everyone loves the place they work at.

Treating the job-hunt like a dating app.

HireUp makes the search an empowering effortless experience by prioritizing visibility so you’re always investing your time in meaningful, high-perfoming, and trackable ways. Enjoy looking, enjoy presenting your skills and enjoy out-performing your own expectations in a new job you love.

The HireUp way

We believe there is an excess of talent out there, and too many unhappy people with their job status. We also believe job-hunting shouldn’t be a full-time job on it’s own. We’re here to make the world happier, starting with your world.

About Caitlyn

The values that have inspired Caitlyn in her vision for HireUp are twofold: a love and respect of those she calls friends, and a sense that the limitations and obstacles they have faced in their careers is a reflection of the frustrations faced by an entire generation.


She sought out to help build a tool that would help insure that her friends, talented and intelligent people she believed them to be, would find companies that deserve them.


And so HireUp was born for them: to give back to those who have played an immense role in raising her and in whose service she can only hope to express the love and gratitude she feels.

Caitlyn, Founder + CEO


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